Big Data Analytics

Tell us about your mission. Whether you have an international data warehouse or are taking the first steps into understand the random forest of data analytics.

Boost your business IQ


How is your business doing?
How much are you growing?
Why are you not growing more?

Simple questions that require too much effort to answer.

We can help organize your data and setup tools to let you get quick, easy answers — so you can focus on growing your business, not on understanding it.

Importing data from csv files, FTP, APIs, and Excel
Cleaning, merging, and ETL
Data warehousing
BI dashboards & queries

Will you know when there’s a problem?
Do you wait for customers to tell you?
How will you see signs of growth?

Problems with your product or your business often lurk beneath the surface. You find out all too late.

We can set up insights and alerts that come to you when you need to know. Don’t wait for bad news to come from customer support or your accountant. Hear good news when it happens.

Automated emails
Trigger-based alerts
Complex SQL queries
Customized product insights


Can you predict when customers will buy?
What prices are customers willing to pay?
How can you filter out fraud?

These are difficult questions requiring deep, time-consuming data analysis by experts.

We are Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts who know how to extract critical insights from the data you already have — so you can make better decisions in your product & marketing.

Targeted marketing optimization
Pricing & funnel analysis
Acquisition & retention
ML regression & classification
Recommender Systems
Fraud detection